"Christ died for our sins. Dare we make his martyrdom meaningless by not commiting them?"

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
lets try this

Friday, September 12, 2003
Not much happening lately, pretty dead here. Heard today about Johnny and John, pretty bummed about that. The week has gone by pretty quick and fall is approaching, you can feel it in the air, the days are getting shorter. Soon we will be in the grip of another endless winter. That means I'm going to be staying inside a lot, and doing warm things. I'm actually looking forward to fall, it's my favorite season. I like the way the cool air feels, and the wind when it blows through the trees causing a shower of red and gold leaves. Salmon swim up the river toward destiny and usually you can find me in that same river trying to bait them with a streamer fly. It's especially nice on a sunny fall afternoon, waist deep in water, casting over and over again, hoping for a bite. Fall has a completeness to it, a feeling that everything in life has come around full circle. Sometimes I lay back in the leaves and stare into the sky daydreaming, this is advisable on a warm autumn afternoon, nothing else to do but lay back and ponder life's mysteries and just enjoy the sun on my face, watching flocks of geese pass overhead on their way to a warmer climate. Sometimes when it's nice out, and I have nothing better to do I go for a long drive through the countryside alone, up to Wisconsin, through endless yellow fields and deep forests bursting with fall color. Halloween is also in fall, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. I always got into carving pumpkins and going out Trick or treating and whatnot. My family used to buy about 10 or 12 pumpkins to put on the porch, I'd carve every last one of them with intricate detail, happy faces, scowling faces, evil faces. The family's that came to our doorstep to get their sugar fix always remarked on them and the local gang of roving hooligans while smashing every other pumpkin in the neighborhood always seemed to pass our's by. Maybe it was out of respect for the work put into them, or maybe they just never saw the yellow gourds littering the porch, I'll never know.

One year we had a scarecrow on the porch that I'd made with some of my old clothes stuffed with a day's worth of fall raking. Back in those days the halloween crap usually stayed on the porch until the first week of November. By that time the pumpkins that had been so full of life were looking like shriveled moldy old men and became hard to pick up as they almost turned to a liquid state. It was one of these early November days that my best friend came over. We were cleaning the porch of all the Halloween shit, taking the rotted carcasses of pumpkins back the compost heap, washing off the porch etc when we came up with a great idea. It had come time to dispose of the Scarecrow, not knowing what to do with it we took it with us for a walk to one of our favorite haunts at the time, the train tracks that ran parallel with my street. When we got to a point in the tracks that weren't visible from my neighbors houses, and laid the carecrow across the tracks, almost as if it were a hobo sleeping on the rails. We walked off down to the creek with our friend peacefully slumbering..on the train tracks. We'd been down at the creek for almost an hour, and had completely forgotten about the scarecrow when we heard an ear piercing squeel, and then a lot of loud clanging noises..a train. It seems as if our scarecrow friend was mistaken for an actual person by the train engineer..by the time we made it through the woods and came to enough of a clearing where we could see what was going on but not be seen, the Train, the Train inspector, the cops were all standing around the area that used to be the Scarecrows place of slumber. We watched one of the cops pick up the torso of our fallen comrade and throw it off into the bushes along the tracks. We snuck back into the woods and avoided that area for quite some time.

I didn't think much of it then but I wonder sometimes what was going through that engineers head when he saw what he thought was a person on the train tracks. I want to meet him and apologize, I hope that I didn't do any permanent damage. I can imagine a sigh of releif that came from him when he found out that what he had just hit was filled with Elm leaves, rather than guts and stuff that would make for a nasty clean up.

Johnny Cash and John Ritter both died overnight, RIP.

Friday, September 05, 2003
So yeah, I bought plane tickets yesterday and I'm flying out to Seattle Washington on the 24th for a few days of rest, relaxation, and skateboarding around Seattle. I have a few leads on some cool stuff to see out there so I'm looking forward to it. I'm staying at a Hostel in Vashon, which is a large Island across the sound from Seattle, about a 3 dollar 15 minute Ferry ride, or so I'm told, I'm pretty stoked. If I can squeeze it in there and funds allow, I'll probably rent a car for a day or two and take a quick trip up to Vancouver B.C. I've never been to Vancouver, but I've been to Victoria which I think is somewhat similar. Hopefully the rumors of Hash Bars and blatant marijuana use are true because I can almost picture myself chilling in the back room of some dark bar smoking fine Sensimilla. Ahhhh, it will be a good trip. I'll get some pictures and post 'em on here eventually. Aside from that not much going on here, still working a lot, and going to school, though I feel kinda distant from the whole school scene as of late. Just don't want to be there right now. I'm taking a couple of Gen ed classes and they're totally bringing me down. Not that they're especially hard, just boring, so it's almost a labor to bring myself to going. Well, I'll write more later, for now, it's back to work with me.

Friday, August 29, 2003
google this, "Donkey Punch".

So yesterday I did it, I broke down and called Mr Arthur Chantry, graphic design guru extraordinaire. I met him through Gigposters.com. When I first talked to him he seemed very unapproachable and downright pissy, but very knowledgeable. The kind of person who's brain you'd like to pick for a couple of days if they would let you anywhere near them, well, I'm working on an article about gigposters.com right now, and I'd been asking some questions of the various designers on there, him being one of them and he went and gave me his hole telephone number. We shot the shit for well over an hour. It was a good time, what I thought was going to be an uncomfortable (on my part) interview, turned into a really cool and enlightening coversation, he's actually very approachable, and more than willing to talk if you're willing to listen, a wealth of design knowledge that man. I was able to capture a few quotes that I can use in my article but not nearly as many as I would have liked as I had to go off to class, but yeah, it was cool, and it actually helped refresh me..and what I mean by that is that it gave me a little bit of a drive to go out and work on some new things, throw some new ideas out there and experiment a bit more creatively. The article is going to be worked on this weekend, I'll probably post it on here when it's finally finished.

Aside from that I had hell class last night (Anthropolgy). A semester of nothing but Gen Ed is bringing me down, not only are my classes incredibly boring, but the teachers are probably the most uninteresting people I've ever met. It's a struggle to go, my friend Whitney has stopped going to the Anthropology class entirely. I have a paper that I have to write on Taxi cab drivers that's due in three weeks and I haven't even bothered to start it yet, that's how disengaged I am with the whole thing..I'll get it done, don't get me wrong, it's just not going to be anywhere near the prize winning report on the life of a Taxi cab driver that I know that I can produce..what the fuck though, It's summer, It's Gen Ed, and it's a grade.

As for right now, sitting here deep in the bowels of hell..zoning out, and wishing I were home sleeping.

Sunday, August 24, 2003
so...I'm going to begin the task of writing an article for my wife and roomate's magazine. The article is going to be about this site I frequent called Gigposters.com . Tomorrow I interview a designer by the name of Art Chantry over the telephone, If you aren't familiar with Art's work you should check it out, he was one of the foremost designers during Seattle's creative heyday, he spawned countless imitators and has had hundreds of clients and collaborator's that most designers only dream of. I'm a little nervous as I've never really interviewed anybody in earnest, but I think it should be fine as long as I don't start stuttering or tripping over myself. I guess I'm not as worried about that as having nothing to say at all, but I'll write a few questions, ask them to start out with and see where it goes from there. My roomate told me today that it's perfectly normal and that she'd be nervous for me if I wasn't scared, which helped a bit. Let's see, nothing else new really going on here..printing up some invitations for a building wide Halloween porty that we are going to be having this year, and listening to Sonic Youth's newest album murray street. A bit long winded in spots but for the most part a really REALLY tight album. I think the only thing that really brings my day is that it will be ending soon, and tomorrow will be spent entirely in hell. Fuggit, now that I think of it, what the fuck am I doing here? I'm going to go enjoy what I have left of a sunny Sunday, fuck this blog shit.
See you

Oh, before I go, for all you googlers
Kyan Douglas
Harry Potter
Paige Davis
Jared Leto
Golden Shower

Now waste some time here.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003
hah hah..I bet you googled Wayne Scot Lukas..didn't you? didn't you?

ahhh..almost forgot to mention my class reunion this pretty much sums it all up. Mullets, bad 80's hair, Bad 80's clothes, and a lot of people that thought they were the shit back in the day, but are now older and fatter. Most of the people there were pretty cool however so I can't fault them for never leaving a generation that they felt comfortable in.

god that photo's huge, it takes up little space though. I tried to remove the post yesterday after I posted it, but oh well..I guess I don't care much anyway. Today's just started for me and already it's been a busy one. Last night was spent making up invitations for an up and coming fall party at our place..I'm pretty happy overall with the way they turned out so I'll probably end up scanning some of them and posting them on here..lets see...in the news, Phish's bassist was found with a 9 year old girl taking "art photos" in some Boat House behind a venue. The funny thing (if there can be any humor found in such a thing) about it all is that the girl was the daughter of the President of a local Hell's Angels chapter. The hell's Angels who detained Mr Gordon "were not, the sources say, gentle with sensitive areas of the rock star's body". Read all about it here.

Monday, August 18, 2003
nothing really witty or insightful to say today, currently making manatees out of silly putty.